Red Pants

I'm in love with that recent trend. 
Watching all of looks with red pants I dream about something similar.
It's so sad I didn't buy them earlier, because I prefer leather ones, but now it's too cold outside for them :(
So, I have only some photos, no pants... Let's admire them! :)


ASOS! Just arrived! :)

Hello dears!
My order has  just  arrived to me!
I'm so happy :)
Take a look at my new stuffs:

Closed-toe ankle boots

And amazing clutch-envelope

That was my FIRST ordering at asos.com and i consider it was successful :)


Dark side of me?

Sometimes I miss my dark hair and I want to return that color :)
But people say that I look better when I'm blond :)
Besides, I dream about long long hair (that I had) and I'd like to look at myself with long blond hair :)
Well, I've not decided yet which color I prefer :)
Have a look on me with dark hair :)

What do you think? :)
xo-xo :*


What time is it? :)

I dream about perfect collection of watches! I'd like to have silver, gold, black and different bright color ones!
I think watches have to be one of the most expensive item on you, so I'm thinking about some fashion expensive watch...


Сет watches пользователя Tanuki_Yamamoto
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