I'm here! :)

I'm with you guys!
 Really. Even if I don't post anything,
 I watch your blogs with your amazing photos!
There are sunny days in Moscow (finally!). I'm so happy :)


SS'2011 Wishlist Part I: Clothes

I love leather jackets, especially with zippers and studded details.
But black jacket is boring and too usual.
So, I decided to find gorgeous leather not-black jacket :)
For example:

Summer in the city can be amazing if you have a little wispy white dress!
I'm gonna combine it with bronze skin and carefree smile :) :) :)

Shorts are the new skirts :D
This season I'd like to wear shorts more often.
They might be leather, denim, classic shorts in different colors.

Usually I prefer low rise skirts and pants, but I decided to try something new ;)
I think the result will be great. Petite girls look gorgeous with emphasis on the waist.

I was always a big fan of hippie style. I think it is the reason of my love to bell bottom jeans and pants.
I've been waiting for them to come back! :)

I fell in love with those dresses! Just have a look!
I'd like to find something similar for my summer :)

P.S. it's still snowy outside, but spring is in the air! xo-xo

To be continued...


Bright band

Hello, fashion world!
That was really busy time for me. And now I can breathe freely! Finally!
I've passed all my exams, found an interesting job and got it! :)
This bright band of my life has affected my preferences of colors.
Usually I choose Black and Grey, because of my strong love to glam rock style.
But now I realized it would be great to try something new ;)
I'd like to look more romantic and sweet...


ASOS wishlist: Dresses!

Just have a look at these amazing dresses!
Thanks god I was born a woman :D
I want everything in the next pictures!!!

Nude color dresses: so simple but so beautiful...

Electric blue color dresses: it's about I'm always in love :)

Slinky dresses: stunning choise for the summer party!

Bright print dresses: to be bold in colors ;)

Now I just can't wait for the new season!


Black stripes

I love simple outfits. 
I think you shouldn't look like is if you've just spent 2 hours to preparing to go out :)
But even if you look simple you have to save your own style.
I love glam rock style in clothes. It's because of my mom and dad, I think :)
They swaddled me to the music of Led Zeppelin :D
But of course I also love  wearing romantic, girly and classical clothes.
It depends on my mood and what is inside of me at the moment :)

T-shirt, Grey long cardigan, Necklace - H&M
Leggings - Bershka
Ankle boots - Aldo


I love Dany Sandals

These amazing sandals has a lot of fans.
They are always topical for many of fashionistas.
Jessica Simpson Dany Sandals <3
I'd like to have a pair of them or may be more... :)
I decided to buy them for the spring and summer outfits.
I think they will look gorgeous with shorts, skirts (mini and maxi), dresses...

What do you think?

The question is: what color? :)


Backstage SS'2011: Blond Power

I was watching ss'2011 collections and realised that I'm really in love with Blondes now.
I like my decision to dye my hair, I think this color is so suitable for spring/summer!
Just can't wait for the first spring sunshine!
Look at these amazing blondes from backstage of ss'11 fashionshows :)


All pics are taken from ss'11-beauty section of style.com 
You should visit it :)


OMG: present from my boyfriend

I just don't know what to say, guys!
One of my fashion-dreams came true!
Yesterday I receive this incredible gift I dreamed about from my wonderful boyfriend!
He knows how I love Michael Kors watches, he has great sence of style, 
and he chose amazing watch for me!
I'm so happy!!! 

           P.S. Do you like it? :)


Grey pants!

If you remember my post about trendy grey pants, you should know I like them so much! :)
They're very cozy and warm! I like wearing them with my moon boots ;)
Have a look!

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